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We provide professional Will writing services. We follow all the legal requirements in will writing in Singapore strictly. Will writing is our only business.

SimplyWills Pte Ltd.

Personal Will @$300 + GST include the following provisions:

  • Personal particulars of client;
  • Revocation clause;
  • Appointment of up to 3 executors & trustees and up to 2 guardians;
  • Defining rights and powers of executor & trustee;
  • Standard provision for real properties, insurance policies, joint accounts and jewelries;
  • Distribution of residual estate to up to 3 levels of beneficiaries by percentage;
  • Common disaster clause;
  • Free translation for non-English speaking clients;
  • Witnessed by 2 of our staff.

Special discount:

Husband & wife mirror Wills @ 10% discount

Other requests:

Additional Arrangement : $50 + GST per clause
Extra set of Personal Will : $50 + GST per set
Rewriting of Will : $150 + GST for our existing clients

If you like what you see, please get ready the name and IC number of your executor, guardian and beneficiaries and provide the details via our online submission platform below.

WILLit by SimplyWills Pte Ltd

We will contact you once the Will is ready (usually within 3 working days) and arrange for you to meet us at our office. The draft will be presented to you and every clause in the Will fully explained to you in plain English before you finalise and sign the actual Will.

You will keep the Will at a safe place unless you are using our safekeeping service.

While writing a Will in Singapore is important, it is equally important to ensure that proper steps are taken to make your Will available when it is needed most.

We provide safekeeping service to ensure that your Will is not opened to uninvited eyes as well as to make it available when it is needed.

Safekeeping Fee:

5 years – $300 + GST per Will
10 years – $500 + GST per Will

Wills on Wheels:

For those who require urgent Will writing services, we provide mobile instant Will writing service. Wills can be done in the comfort of your home or office within 2 hours for only $500 + GST .

SimplyWills Pte Ltd.

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