Properties Not Affected by Will

Properties Not Affected by Will:
Real Property Held in Joint Tenancy

The surviving joint tenant (owner) will takeover the entire property. However, a joint owner can Will away his/her share if the real property is held in Tenancy-In-Common.

Insurance Policy Held in Trust

When a policyholder nominated the spouse and/or child(ren) as beneficiary, a trust is deemed to have been created. The policy proceeds does not form part of the policyholder’s estate and cannot be Willed away.

CPF Savings

A CPF member can state the beneficiary by making a nomination. If there is no valid nomination, the CPF savings will be distributed by the Intestacy Law.

Insurance Policies with S49M or S49L Nomination

Policy proceeds will be distributed to nominees named in the policy.

Immovable Property at a Foreign Country

The law of the country where the immovable property is situated shall apply.