LPA & AMD Workshop by Patrick Chang

Date, Time and Venue:
27 Sept 2018 (Thursday),
2pm to 3pm (registration starts at 1:45pm, workshop commences at 2pm sharp),
Our training centre at 24 Peck Seah Street #02-10 Nehsons Building, Singapore 079314.

Objectives of the workshop:
To understand what is LPA &, AMD;
To know how we are affected if we do not plan for it;
To understand why more and more people are planning for it;
To learn some tips and tricks when we are making the LPA & AMD;
To have your LPA form 1 signed after the workshop at $100;
To have your AMD witnessed after the workshop at $100;
To have both your LPA & AMD signed after the workshop at $150:


WhatsApp: “Your Name+ 27 Sept” to 9691 2323 (please don’t call this number)
Eg. “John Lim 27 Sept”.


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Event Registration Form

Bank Name: DBS Current Account
Account Number: 2889 029 591
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