LPA & AMD Webinar

Our next LPA & AMD Webinar will be held as follows:

On 22 Aug (Sat) from 2pm to 4pm

Click here to join the meeting:


Meeting ID: 229 897 8311
Passcode: 448674

Objectives of the workshop:
1. To understand what is LPA & AMD;
2. To know how we are affected if we do not plan for it;
3. To understand why it is important to have a LPA & AMD;
4. To learn some pointers when making our LPA & AMD.

This webinar is a free educational event.

You need not register. You are welcome to invite your guests to attend.


We also conduct free educational talks to organisations. Contents and duration of the talks can be custom-made to suit your needs. Professional training to employees of organisations especially the insurance companies, banks, investment firms and real estate agencies is also available.

Please email your request to: events@simplywills.com.sg.