Succession Service

Being it real property (house, apartment) or other movable personal property, legacy planning requires a great deal of experience and wisdom.

The way we own a real property, the way we make nomination and the way we structure our investment portfolio has great impact on our legacy planning.

The way we hold or distribute our assets does affect the end result.  Whether we provide maximum benefit to our beneficiaries depends on how we construct our portfolio.

Speak to us about your situation and we will offer our opinion.

Business interest is part of our estate.  Business owners, being sole proprietors, partners or shareholders, need to put in more effort to handle their business interest.  Some businesses can be easily taken over by their successors whereas some are more complicated than a simple handing & taking over.  The question on ownership, management, competency is always a challenge to many business owners.  There are steps to be taken if business owners want a smooth succession.

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